09 September 2010

Getting lost in Folsom

The next handful of posts appeared in a slightly different form on Bent Rider Online (a message board for recumbment riders).


Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal! (That's a happy sound, for those wondering.)

On this morning's ride (02 September, 2010) I saw one recumbent hand trike (delta), a couple of DFs (diamond frame bikes - shorthand for 'normal' bicycles), and lots of people out walking their dogs and generally getting outside before it gets to be 100 F. I collected a lot of smiles this morning and waves and one inquiry "Do you have air conditioning on that?" "Sure, as long as I keep moving!"

This morning was my second ride on my new toy and my first clipping in. I'm still sticking to neighborhood bike paths until I get a little more familiar with the machine.

There are a lot of components to play with on this machine, and it was tempting to spend all my time parked by the side of the path, allen keys in hand. I stopped a couple of times to adjust the neck rest and to play with the seat angle. And that's all! Really! I promise! Before my next ride I need to adjust the suspension a bit and I might investigate some slight adjustments to the handgrip position.

I also need to evict my former ride (Trek) from the corner of the garage and see if I can figure a way to hang the trike. Right now it is parked in the back of the Toyota. "No, dear. I am not planning on using the truck as a garage. Really! I promise!"

I had a devil of a time with my right shoe (new to clipping in) and eventually decided that the tension on that side was just too loose to stay clipped in. However, I seemed to have found an acceptable fore-aft position, side to side position, and angle for the cleats. Or at least on a short ride it seemed OK. Time will tell.

I improvised a water bladder bag to hang from the seat back. I am eventually getting (I hope!) dual water bottle cages but the shop is still working with HP Velo. on that. The non-folding Scorp that I test rode had a braze point on the frame under the seat for a dual cage when using the mesh seat. There is no braze point on the folding version. Neither of the two proprietary HP V cages the shop had on hand will fit this trike with a mesh seat. However, the shop managed to attach one short cage which will serve to hold the bottle-battery for my light.

Although I have the headlamp attached, I did not bother with the bottle battery and switch for this ride. I have an older Cygolite for which I was able to order an extension cord so I can have the battery behind the seat, the switch on the mirror mount, and the headlamp as far forward as I can get it.

That's all (and enough) for now.


For the curious, I bought my ride from Peregrine Bicycle Works in Dixon, CA. A great shop.

What I did not admit to in this post was getting slightly lost. It has been 2 years since I spent any time on the paths in Folsom: there are a lot of paths and a lot of intersections. I got a bit turned around, but found my way safely back to my mobile garage: AKA Toyota SUV.

The folks on BROL (bent rider online) are super helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. After I made this post, I learned that there are braze on points to attach waterbottles in FOUR places on the seat frame: all one needs to do is apply a hot poker to the mesh seat cover to expose the braze points. All right! Hot pokers - my favorite!

And I was gently and kindly warned off from messing with the front suspension (which I was not planning on doing anyway) and the rear suspension turned out OK after all.

AND I got advice on storing my trike. Such a deal!

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