22 September 2010


Ride #11, Wednesday September 22nd, a little over 8 miles.
I had initially planned to ride on the Folsom side of the American River this morning, but I felt pretty awful (the long muscles of my back/neck were whining and complaining). So rather than driving home after morning yoga, I decided to loaf around on the Folsom bike trails instead. Glad I did 'cause now I feel good!

I generally followed the Humbug/Willow Creek trails - there are some new areas that had been completed since the last time I rode that way. They are so new they don't show up as a route in the "Street View" in Map My Ride or in Google Maps. But you can see the paved path in Satellite view. (From Bidwell to Chaffin Ct. for those locals following along).

There is one section on the route I always feel a bit bad about riding on, since it is through a small local park: on concrete sidewalks - not a proper bike path at all. However, it is a very small section and I just am extra cautious turning corners in that area. I suppose I could always bring charcoal and some steaks and stop for a bbq some day since there is a handy grill right there!

I cycled past the apartments where we lived for six months several years ago (did not have a bike of any kind then - what a shame!). There are a number of apartment complexes and subdivisions in Folsom that back right up onto the bike paths.
The city has done a good job of planning:  wetlands and other habitats play nicely with human habitats.

There were some sets of strolling path-hazards, but I just crept along behind until I had a chance to pass safely. (That's a blind left hand curve just ahead of the trio).

Oh, and I saw a Great Blue Heron flying  overhead. I would have never have noticed that while on my old bicycle. I did not have enough time to get a photo - just time enough to say, "Hey, a Heron!" and then he was out of sight.

Next ride will be either on Friday or Saturday - either way I have a two day break coming up.

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  1. This sounds like fun! What a neat bike...never really seen anything like it.