28 September 2010

Rollin' on the River

Ride #13, Monday September 28th. A shade less than 7 miles.

I believe this trail is actually the Nimbus Trail, but that is not so important. The important thing is that is follows the lovely American River from Folsom to the Hazel Bridge on what I suppose you'd call the south side of the river. I didn't go all the way to Hazel, but did spend some time at my favorite overlook.

I finally stopped, removed the right fender, and strapped it to the bag on the rear rack. I need to get around to either taking both front fenders off or "nut up" (Yes, I enjoyed Zombieland very much, thank you) and take the right wheel off and really tighten the fender down. I'll probably wait until I've ridden in the rain and gotten all wet and uncomfortable before I really get around to it.

This is a shorter post then usual (rejoice!) since I am reduced to using the mouse-replacement-device on the laptop that is substituting for my "real" computer. Next ride should be Thursday and by then I should have gotten around to charging up a replacement mouse.

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