06 November 2010

Come Hell or high water ...

... I'm going for a ride.

And I did.

Ride #14, Saturday November 6th. Just over 8 miles.

I finally got to hook up with the Sacramento Area Casual Bikers, a fun and laid back group of folks who just want to ride their bikes.

It has been over a month since I've been able to ride, and I'm so glad to be back I just can't find words to express it. So I'll just natter on about the ride.

We cruised around on the city of Folsom's beautiful bike trails, starting at Karen's Bakery Cafe in Old Folsom and doing a little bike lane/sidewalk work to get on to the Willow Creek/Humbug Creek trail system.

As a bonus, the new bike/ped bridge across Bidwell street is finished! We took a gratuitous loop just so we could 'cycle across the bridge to get to Peet's coffee. I forgot to get a picture of the bridge. If someone in the group gets a good one I'll ask permission to add it to this post.

The group pretty much filled the patio area at Peet's with bodies and a lot of chatter about bicycles and lights and trips and trails and ...

Then we pedaled back down to Old Folsom, spent some more time chatting in the parking lot, then all went our separate ways.

Since I last posted, I've taken the other fender off the front (more straightforward then getting the other one back on). I switched out the pedals from a Shimano type double sided (cleat-ready on one side, platform on the other) for some Crank Brothers' Candy pedals. I set those up with 20 degrees of float and I like them much better! No talking from my right knee at all, very secure clip in, easy enough to clip out. It sounds like I need to adjust the rear dérailleur just a little bit.

Hope to get out again next weekend.
Keep on pedaling and smiling

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  1. I didn't know there were bike-riding groups...I guess there's a group for everything :)
    Don't think there are any around here, though...I don't think I would be joining if there were (unless I had a bike like yours, of course)! I'm far too unsteady on a bike...I can probably blame mom for that one!

  2. Oh, there are groups for all kinds of stuff, for all kinds of ability. The groups I belong to are frequently "Meetup" groups - internet-organized by region. How many groups and what kind depends on where you are. To go in a straight line first Relax! Don't death grip and don't hunch up. Then look farther ahead then you think you want to. Then relax again. Don't micro manage the steering. Find an empty parking lot (shades of driver's ed) and practice where no one can see you wobble.