29 November 2010

Just call me Granny

Ride #20
Monday, November 29th. 6 miles in Folsom, CA.

This is a fun little ride that I last did on my hybrid bicycle. I remember wobbling up the hills at about 2 mph, and stopping and panting at the top. They are not much in the way of hills, I don't think, but if I did this route regularly, I'd get stronger. It is less than 200 ft climbing in 6 miles, but I think this is just right for me at this point.

Here's the elevation profile (which is the only picture you're getting today):

It is a bunch of ups and downs and fun little switchback sections.

I did better on the recumbent today then on the hybrid last time. Maybe because I'm in a more relaxed position, maybe because I have slightly lower gears available. I did not use the granny gear on every hill, but it was sure nice to have it available. I did not spin up the hill, since my cadence was probably about 60rpm at the slowest, but I did not have to stop on the side of a hill and breathe and I did not feel wiped out at the end. Of course, that may be because I just coasted a lot. And boy, does my ride coast! My top speed was 25mph with gentle breaking.

I saw one other cyclist (on an intersecting bike path) and two dog walkers today. Very quiet and peaceful. I'm afraid the sight of a bright orange (trike) and red (face) and blue (shirt) and pink (flag) 'thing' zipping down the hill slightly freaked out one dog. The other dog did not seem to mind. Oh yeah, I saw two joggers also. The joggers did not freak. They rarely do.

I plan to ride again on Wednesday. CU

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