24 November 2010


Ride #18
Wednesday, November 24th. American River Bike Trail. 4.63 miles

Today I feel that the 0.13 miles above four and a half are important. Just for my pride.

I had intended to go the 12 and some down to William Pond from Sunrise, but alas, my digestion refused to cooperate.
Let's just say that there are plenty of porta-potties and restrooms along the ARBT, but not quite enough for me today.

But! I saw lots of wildlife: many red-tailed hawks, some flavor of titmouse, a squirrel that I could have reached out and patted, and a buck. No, I don't know how many points it had. I almost missed the buck since he was passing behind a nice low 2 wheel recumbent. I wonder if the fellow on the 'bent even knew there was a deer passing right behind him. And I managed to enjoy the 50 degree, sunshiney, breezy weather. A nice change from the rain just yesterday.

As I was driving out, I saw a tandem trike. So I waved.

As a sop for this very short report, I'm including a video that I put together yesterday. Some of you might have seen it posted on BROL, and others might have found it on youtube, but here 'tis for the rest of you.

I will try again to ride on Friday or Saturday.

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