21 December 2010

Well, check that off!

Ride #24
Tuesday, December 21st.
A Shorter Than Expected ride in Folsom

The rain let up so I nipped out for a short ride in Folsom. I'd intended to ride on the pretty little hills and curves under the powerline between Blue Ravine and Natomas, as I did on Nov 29th.

However, I didn't get too far as 3/4s of a mile into my ride I almost rolled my beautiful trike! Too fast on a corner.

Bad triker! No biscuit!

Into the shrubs! Down a little incline! Mud! Arrgh! Shrubs with prickers! My tights were full of little stickers and I have a little hole in the cuff of my wool shirt. And some mud on my windbreaker.
See - this is why I need a new windbreaker - my shirtsleeves always stick out from the windbreaker cuffs. I'd rather rip up my windbreaker than my nice wool shirt. Oh well, small price to pay for triking hubris!

I have a few skinned knuckles and a couple up and coming bruises. I did a little trail-side first aid with my waterbottle and my small first aid kit, then when I got home I throughly cleaned up.
The only things that came off the trike were me and my headlight: a well designed light, it just slid neatly off the mount and neatly back on again. I didn't slide so neatly, but did manage to get me and my trike back up the slope and out of the vegetation without too much undignified thrashing.

I quickly checked that the trike was still rideable, turned around and pedaled back to head for home.

I've just finished a more complete trike check and all is well. I had knocked one fender askew (easy fix) and the handlebars needed just a bit of adjustment. So all is well for my upcoming longer ride on Sunday (unless it rains).

Oh, the other casualty of my tipping was my little digital camera. I think I landed on it.
If I can get the card reader to read the card from the camera I'll add a pic of the pretty little trail I was on.

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