25 January 2011

Another wonderful day!

Ride #36
Tuesday, January 25th
8 miles in Folsom
With a bike group: fun!

I spent a little time today hanging out with folks on those strange upright bicycle things - they were everywhere! And following me! I could not escape!

Our little band of bikers had a good time listening to all the birds in Folsom this sunny spring-like day. We stopped at the duck pond to check out all the feathered inhabitants, and chatted for a while about the intricacies of Folsom's bike paths. Several folks went off after the ride to find maps of their own. I hope City Hall still has some available.

I eventually got frustrated with my phantom shifting problem and switched my rear derailer to non-indexed shifting. Ah, what a relief! Yes, yes. I still need to fool with it, but there are so many other things to do: like go for bike rides.

I hooked up my little Kodak Playsport video camera on my very old-school Manfrotto clamp-on tripod and turned it on. Or I thought I did. I had full batteries and an empty card, with theoretically an hour of battery life and 2 hours 30 minutes of recording time. I got 2 segments: 3 seconds and 5 seconds. Thrilling! Just peachy. I wonder if vibration is making it shut off? It's worked OK before. It couldn't be operator error, could it?!

A couple more rides scheduled later this week: catch you later!

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