28 January 2011

The hills are...

Ride #37
Thursday, January 27th
"Powerline" hills in Folsom, just over 5 miles

I went out again to the rolling hills that follow the powerline in Folsom. This time with some bicycling friends to scout these rollers as a possible group ride. The conclusion: if folks are willing to walk up a short hill or two if they need to, to work a bit, to huff and puff if necessary, then it will be a good ride. A perfect ride, in fact, for practicing shifting gears. It is a quiet path, mostly mid-morning dog walkers. So, I will schedule this ride on our group's calendar real soon now.

My friends both drove to our meeting place through fog, so they were wondering if we were really going to ride or not. I had not a doubt in the world since it was supremely sunny at my house. On our ride, we did not reach the fog (if we had gone south instead of west we would have). While we were chatting in the parking lot before riding, my "parking lot acquaintance" Al showed up. He was heading to the fog. Introductions all around and off we all went.

I was passed on the uphills and generally braked on the down hills (must remember to check if my brakes need adjusting again after this ride) and my friends were more than happy to wait at the top of hills for me. My rear derailer is beyond me at this point, so I'll call the wonderful shop that built my ride and schedule some non-do-it-yourself adjustments. Sometimes you have to turn the experts loose on your problem.

This is not the exact path we took (we started across the street at the grocery store) but it is the path I will use for the group ride.

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