13 January 2011

Rained on my parade

Ride #31
Tuesday, January 13th
7.7 miles on the American River Bike Trail

I made it rain, yes I did. It is my fault. I did not put my front fenders back on again.

The indistinct white streaks are big fat drops of water spraying up from my front tire. Not only did I make it rain, I made it rain UP.
It started out overcast and a few drops. By the time I got back to the car from my ride, it was raining hard enough that I felt I needed to put my jacket over my head to run from the back of the car to the driver's door.

This was intended to be a group ride for the two bicycling groups I belong to, but we were rained out. I started from a shopping center on Sunrise and made my way down to the river via a feeder bike route. Lots of anglers out today, some intrepid dog walkers, and a surprising number of spandex clad, logo bedecked riders of road bikes. And they probably don't even HAVE fenders for their bikes.
I also saw my favorite hiking group out and about - and this time we almost had a conversation - but I was in a hurry to get back since the rain was getting harder and harder.

I have not been on the Sunrise to Folsom  part of the trail (Hatchery side of Nimbus) since the work on Hazel Ave began. So I was not too sure about getting across Hazel with the bike trail detour. It was not a problem (but I'm glad I had a chance to scout it out before the next ride I lead in this area). I did get to play in traffic a little. It looks they were putting up a new light pole. I bailed out just after that point since it was raining Even Harder!

The anglers and I agree: today was a good day! Any day on my 'cycle is a good day.
The next scheduled ride is on Tuesday with the bike groups. Rain is NOT in the forecast.

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