28 January 2011

Two in a row!

Ride #38

Friday, January 28th
8.9 miles in Folsom

The rain is supposed to start up again, so Himself and I went for a ride this afternoon (Himself is waiting for software testing results so nothing going on at work today for him). We had planned to do the 10 mile loop of last weekend, but my derailer was giving me FITS! And Himself decided to crank up the speed a notch. So I was pooped and we took a shortcut back to shorten our ride by a mile.

I'm very proud of my sweetheart - he is really committed to getting fit (of course, the stinker will get fit Much Faster than I will!) On our car-ride home we talked a little bit about the mechanics of standing to pedal up hills. I never did have clips or toe-traps on any of my upright bikes, so I never really got in the habit of standing to pedal. But I've read a lot about it and I can deliver loads of plausible sounding BS at the drop of a hat. We'll see if he can stand sometime to climb.

I've made an appointment to take the beast in for rear-derailer work tomorrow morning. Bike-shop-dude says it  should be a quick fix and if necessary he can just swap out the rear derailer. What a guy!

Our ride on Sunday might get rained out, so just keep checking back for a new post!

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