18 January 2011

Unholy Bellowing

Ride #33
Tuesday, January 18th
12 miles or so on the lovely American River

Three intrepid women set off down the trail to brave the overcast day and were eventually rewarded with sunshine and a fun day on the trail! This was an organized ride for the two bike groups I belong to and it was fun fun fun! Another member joined us for a bit, then set off for his own longer ride.

Other bicyclists, more fishermen, various hikers, including a large group of hikers heading off into the distance (could they have been the group I keep encountering on my weekday rides? Maybe).

No-one wiped out, no one had any serious mechanical problems, I believe we all remembered to drink water, and we even had a short stretching session at our midway point.

I dropped my trike off at the shop after this to get the rear derailer adjusted by experts (I get sooooo confused by barrel adjusters and I'm quite sure it is someone else's turn for this task) and to true up the rear wheel. The clearance between the tire and the rear fender is very tight, so a wobble in the wheel usually equals rubbing.

More rides (official and un) scheduled for next week and later this week.


Oh yeah, we went from a little ways up Sunrise Blvd down to the bike path, across Hazel, and turned around a little ways before reaching Folsom.

And the unholy bellowing is me shouting directions from the rear. I am louuuuuuuuuud!

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