06 January 2011

Unofficial Fun

Ride #29

Thursday, January 6th.
12 ish miles on the American River Bike Trail

I belong to two bicycling Meetup groups (Meetup is an internet based social activity site). One is mostly fast paced rides and the other is more casual. The casual group is rather inactive in the winter, so when a new member of that group posted that she was interested in exploring the ARBT, I jumped on it!

So I 'cycled around with a total stranger and we had a blast all the way from Wm Pond to Sunrise and back again on our unofficial ride. I drove down to Sacramento for this ride: leaving my house under sunny clear skies and almost immediately driving down into fog. And then out of the fog (actually low clouds) into cold clammy overcast. We saw an absolutely HUGE jackrabbit bounding along, a red tailed hawk on a fence post, several groups of bicyclists (some grim intent 'roadies' in a paceline and others slower and smiling), and pairs of walkers.  And a couple of probably homeless folks. We also buzzed by a large group of familiar-looking hikers all wielding pairs of trekking poles, mostly gray-haired - yes indeed, it was a group I hiked with a few years ago. Solemates from Fair Oaks. I waved and they waved and we each went our separate ways. Neat!

In the parking lot while I was putting my ride back in the mobile garage I call the SUV, I answered a ton of questions from some very interested gentlemen, one of whom had been persuaded to ride on a recumbent decades ago. He didn't much like it, but he sure liked my trike! He was also encouraged to hear about the TerraTrike Rover - a reasonably priced entry-level trike at a base price of $800.

My right fender was loose (again) so about 1/2 mile from our ending point, I just wiggled it loose, tucked it under my left arm, and continued on. I also played a bit with the barrel adjuster for the rear derailer. I might have it in the right spot now, but I'll check it out when I'm replacing that fender in a few days.

I'm off to Oregon for a few days, so the next post will be sometime next week.



  1. Bet your trip is great. I liked hearing about your rail ride home. Amtrak does take riders through some pretty western country.

    Hopefully your special order tool will be in soon and you can share the highlights of your trip!

  2. Thanks, Susie! I had a blast - even if it was cold and blah up in Portland. I had great beer, great food, a moderately amusing train ride. I saw a delta recumbent trike and a dutch cargo bike as well as lots of other intrepid cyclists in Portland. High viz jackets sure work well. See you soon!