11 January 2011

Waxing Rhapsodic

Ride #30
Tuesday, January 11th
Just over 7 miles on Folsom's bike paths.

Lots more people out today than I expected: mostly accompanied by dogs. Lots and lots of birds also. The blackbirds were making a ruckus in every damp spot (and there are a lot of damp spots right now). Saw an egret/heron/thing. I stink at bird identification.

And Canadian Geese!

I spent a few minutes several times today explaining my odd contraption to interested parties. A common question is "how do you steer it?" I suppose it is not obvious right away, lacking the familiar handlebars of a conventional bicycle.

It was pretty nippy with a chance of rain. There were two drops as I started out, but the rain held off until I was well finished with my ride. Whew! About 45 degrees F, slight breeze, overcast skies, kind of humid. A day to appreciate wool clothing.

If you would like to hear the birds, the first minute or so of my latest youtube video has bird song. Stick around for the rest of the ride, the video's less than 6 minutes long.

Thursday is an Official Ride with my bicycle clubs. And I'm leading the ride! Whoooo! Hope we don't get rained out ...

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