27 February 2011

Brass monkeys

Ride #48
9 or so miles in Folsom
Sunday, February 27th

Today I led a small intrepid band of bicyclists on a "lollypop" in Folsom (route with an out and back part and a loop stuck in the middle). We chugged up a looooooooooong grade and then whooped and hollered our way down the other side. We charged through puddles from the recent rain and I sort of missed my fenders but I got several free mini-showers as a bonus.

One of the folks on the ride commented that all the people we encountered on our ride were friendly. I figure it is due to a couple of things: Folsom is a nice town, I've been spreading cheer every time I ride on those trails (I always try to beat the other guy to the smile and wave), and a recumbent trike is just something to smile at.

Many birds, including a very nice landing by a very large and very close Egret. Lots of walkers, joggers, a small band of bicyclists, and of course, dog walkers. No bobcat today. The 'cat was probably denned up somewhere nice and warm. The weather was cool and extraordinarily clear, but there was a light breeze with a cold bite.

I'm so glad I have the chance to lead rides for two area bicycle groups. So far all of my rides have been listed on both groups (one is casual and one is more hard-core) but eventually I hope to be able to ride with the medium fast crowd.

This is pretty much where we went, but I skipped the top loop, only doing the left hand side for both out and back.

More rides scheduled, planned, and hoped for in the next few weeks - I'm a bit tired of rain so I hope it holds off for a few more days.

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