13 February 2011


Ride #45
Sunday, February 13th
A bit over 10 miles on the American River trail (no, I'm not writing a poem today despite the title)

A group ride today from Wm. Pond to the Sac State bridge and back. I played shepherd on my trike and the rest were on diamond frame bikes. We had two mountain bikers show up out of the blue to check out the casual bike group. My friend with the 100 pounds of kids and trailer in tow took off like her tail was on fire (which she did not have to do but she was having so much fun...), the other two followed her like they were being pulled in her wake, and I stayed waaaaaay back with the two folks on mountain bikes. They decided that the pace was a bit fast for them so we had a nice chat and then went our separate ways. I cycled like a madwoman (holding 18mph for a while) to catch up with the rest of the group. Gosh, I love flat straight trails!

We had a little snack and water break at our turn around point, chatted some more (this is, after all, a social bike ride) and pedaled back. We saw a group of at least 5 deer browsing on the green vegetation in a hollow below the bike path. The deer didn't even look up - too hungry, I guess. We also saw a pair of handtrikes - the really low ones, and I spotted one other recumbent trike. The rest of the folks we saw were bicycling or walking, some solo and some in groups. One family group had a little kid on a tricycle who was pedaling so furiously his feet should have blurred like a cartoon character!

One rider had a flat (and a spare tube - YAY!) in the parking lot before setting out but no other mechanical issues with our little band of bikers.

The winter weather will return later this week, but I'll ride and post when I can.

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