13 March 2011


Ride #53
Sunday, March 13th
12 miles in Folsom.

8 intrepid cyclists set out on an overcast day to conquer some little bitty hills. 9 ascents total by my count. A little walking, a lot of huffing and puffing, some extra laps up the switchback by those with extra energy, and we were done and back at the start. But Wait! Let's keep going! So most of the group added a little 6 mile jaunt around the wetlands, then scooted back for more conversation in the guise of putting our bikes and gear away.

I'm very pleased with how this ride went. I had a couple of no-shows (folks who signed up but did not appear, call, or change their rsvp) but those who came seemed to have a good time. Lots of laughter. At times, as I was barreling down a hill on my unfairly aerodynamic trike, I felt like I was pulling a comet tail of bicyclists along behind me. Other times I guess our comet was switched end-for-end as I trailed almost everyone up the hills.

We saw some other bicyclists, but mostly dog walkers out today. Not a lot of wildlife, expect for the ever-foraging ducks and other waterfowl in the pond. A couple of kids exploring an enticing culvert on the side of a hill. I hope they stayed out of the poison oak! A pleasing number of children outside with their parents, many on their own small bikes (the kids, not the parents) with some children on tag-along-units.

A couple of longer rides scheduled for later this week, but it looks like rain again. Boo hoo!

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