04 March 2011


Ride #50
5.6 miles in Cameron Park, CA
Friday, March 4th

Got a lift to the other end of town, picked up my lovely new photochromatic glasses (bifocals make it a LOT easier to see the little tiny letters on my Cateye bike computer) and zipped home on mostly quiet residential streets. This is almost the same ride I took back in November, and this time was easier.

I got to geek three, count 'em, three times about recumbent cycles. One of the fellows at the optometrists has, I think he said, a V-Rex - which is a two wheel bent, so he was geeking about my lovely orange ride. And as I was leaving a couple of people who work in the same area stopped and pointed excitedly to the trike. Turns out she has both a Recycled Recumbent by a guy in WI, and a trike. I can't remember what the quiet guy had, but they've both been on rides with the Recumbent Riders of Sacramento before, so I might see them again tomorrow on the 30 mile ride with the 'bent riders.

And THEN, while stopping on the side of the road to shed my bright yellow jacket (too warm for the jacket today but my bright pink shirt was probably equally visible) I chatted for a while with a woman whose husband used to ride a long wheel base recumbent - I guess he toured all over on it, but now he has too many health issues to ride anymore. I hope he gets a kick out of her story of the orange trike.

So, a lovely day on a lovely machine, meeting lovely people. It don't get more lover-ly than that!


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