29 March 2011

Like a cat with a hairball

Ride #56
Tuesday, March 29th
25 miles on the Folsom South Canal

Yes, this is longer than we've gone on the canal, but that's not because we got past Jackson Highway, instead it is because we started at the Fish Hatchery. A beautiful sunny day, my legs a strange shade of whitish-pink from a liberal application of sunscreen, talking talking talking our way down the canal.

Then I had to go and eat a bug. I really did not want the extra protein. I think it was a leg, or something, that got stuck in my throat, right on the gag-spot. So I choked and hacked and spat my way down the canal until I guess I finally swallowed the rest of the bug. There were a lot of bugs out today. I think the rest of the several squadrons of insects were really search parties looking for their missing buddy. Sorry, boys. Not going to find him. Just declare him lost at sea. Or esophagus.

We decided a bathroom break was in order (the one flaw, a major flaw for middle-aged ladies, of the FSC is the absolute and glaring lack of even a skanky port-a-john). We discussed finding a shrub, but decided that since we were not too far from the park on Spoto, we'd detour our way over there for a bit of relief.

I tried to take a picture of some charming cows today, but by the time I was level with the cows, the grass was in the way. There are downsides to being on a low vehicle. Lots of poppies out now.

Hopefully I'll get out to enjoy the sun a little more (even with strange whitish-pink limbs) a few more times this week.

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