08 March 2011

Nearly Nimbus

Ride #52
Tuesday, March 8th
13ish miles on the American River Bike Trail

Sunny when I left the house, drove down into overcast, and the sun came out for our ride as we left the parking lot on our 'cycles. Thank you, weather!

Saw some fat squirrels (red, not gray this time) and lots and lots of Canadian geese. One was so close to the trail I could have patted it on the back but I like my fingers right where they are so I did not.

Hills. They are something you slog up and sail down. Some folks look forward to them, some dread them. I'm sort of in the middle (and my idea of a 'hill' would make many more serious bikers LOL. They'd be all like "What hill?").
So, there is a lovely long downhill with lots of entertaining curves on the way to the Willow Creek boat launch, our turn around point today. While we were stopping for a rest at Willow Creek, we all sort of dreaded going right back up that hill. But it was not that bad. There is enough hill to get some good speed on the way down and have fun, but there is really only one steep section on the way back up. Which we all did just fine on. Take that, hill!

I think from this point forward, I'm going to try to do 90% of my rides at 12 miles long or longer, and do a 20 mile or longer ride 3 times a month. I'll still lead short beginner rides, and my collection of stupidly steep yet short hills is enough work at 5 miles long to satisfy me.

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