05 March 2011

Riding with a crowd

Ride #51
Saturday, March 5th

30 miles on the American River Parkway

14 riders today on the monthly Sacramento Recumbent ride. A whole variety of 2 wheels, a tandem, and finally another tricycle - a spiffy and speedy Catrike Speed. In orange. I approve.

I hung out at the back of the pack as usual, chatting with another slow rider. And on the way back from a lovely lunch of salmon pasta salad, I chatted with a different laid back person. So it was a great day on the trail. I'm glad the rain held off until this evening since I do enjoy these rides very much.

Despite my laid back pace, I was pretty wiped out after the ride - took a nap when I got home!

Got an upclose view of a Very Large Squirrel, saw an egret, lots of songbirds, a bunch of circling raptors, and many many many people out enjoying the break in the winter rains. I was very happy to see lots of smaller children out riding their bikes or being towed by their parents. Got several "that looks like fun!" comments and saw other recumbent riders (two wheels, three wheels, and some handtrikes) out as well. One charming small girl wanted desperately to try sitting in my trike so she did. She could not come close to the pedals but she seemed pleased.

There has been a lot of construction on the trail lately, so the ever changing detours are, well, changing. I finally got to see some of the really nice new stone wall construction and other trail improvements. But no pics today since as usual I spend most of my time trying to keep up and juggling a camera slows me down quite a bit.

I think the rides later this week might fit between the storm fronts moving through, so stay tuned!

This is more or less the route I took today.


  1. Ugh! That's like bike riding to Ann Arbor! I would simply die.
    You have my utmost respect...

  2. I dunno, it might be a complicated death! I'm going to do that every month. I'll still be fat, but I'll have great looking legs! :)
    Yeah, it took me 6 days to notice a comment. I'm lame.