17 March 2011

Soggy Bottom

Ride #54
Thursday, March 17th
17 miles on the South Canal

We had intended to go all the way to Sloughhouse road, but we found this in our way.

I waded in to see how deep. Too deep.
We turned around since we didn't want to carry the trikes through this twice. Damp wool socks and damp mesh cycling shoes are not too bad. 

We also saw a large bird.

I tried to catch it as it took off. I missed. Twice. Here's a wingtip consolation prize.

I have spiffy photogray (or whatever the trade name is these days) glasses. You know, the ones that turn dark from UV light? That keep you from carrying around a pair of prescription sunglasses? The ones that make it impossible to see the digital camera display?

Oh, did you catch that I said "trikes" plural? Yes!! (insert celebratory fist pump) The local triker I encountered on my last trip through town came on the ride today. So I had a cheerful person on a cheerful yellow well loved Greenspeed zipping along right beside me as well as my intrepid friend hauling the trailer full of kids. She with the trailer did not come are far as the Giant Puddle in the Middle of the Trail since she had a lot to do this afternoon.

Hopefully next time it will not have rained for a week straight and the trail will be clear.

I suspect this weekend's ride will be rained out, but I hold out hope for next week.

Happy chase-the-snakes-off-the-island-day!

We got just across Jackson Highway this time.

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