22 March 2011

Talk-powered triking

Ride #55
Tuesday, March 22nd
Around Lake Natomas, about 12.5 miles

Slogged around the lake today, clockwise. I was feeling pretty whipped from physical therapy yesterday, so I was not my usual zippy self, but the beautiful blue skies, puffy clouds, and early wildflowers made it all worth while.

And the great conversation with another triker.

No, that's not a strange exotic spider following me, its a trike!

All the gates are open on the Nimbus dam, I wish now I'd stopped for a better picture of the foaming water at the base of the dam, but I did not so you will have to use your imagination.

Here's some more pics for your entertainment.
South side of the lake

The new bridge with the older one behind

Park area on the north side

Blue skies ahead!

Dam from the Hazel bridge

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