05 April 2011

Are we lost yet?

Ride #59
Tuesday, April 5th
About 15 miles around and around and up and down Placerville

We tried to get to Camino, but we got a little lost, saw hills, climbed them, turned around and sailed back down. Played in traffic, enjoyed a rail trail. Waved at lots of peds and cars.  Had fun. I think my neck is a little sunburned.

We used the 3 mile segment of the El Dorado railtrail, including a fantastic trestle bridge over Weber Creek.

That's Weber waaaaaaaaaaay down there.

The trail dumps you out on Forni road, which has no bike lane, but you can go out of your way onto Ray Lawyer and that does. Have a bikelane that is. And it is a biiiiig downhill.

Some new bike lane (full of glass and rocks and bolts and other garbage) in Placerville.

The cool snail-like overcrossing (for Peds And Bikes AND horses!) at Bedford.
This is looking up through the overcrossing's structure. Feels like inside!

I think this sign is lying and we should have taken this road.

But we ended up climbing up Bedford and then turning around and screaming (I was literally screaming with fear. Screaming on the inside) down Bedford. My brakes got HOT 'cause I'm a big fat CHICKEN and I braked most of the way.

We went back UP Ray Lawyer. I don't know how many times we stopped to rest. But it was frequently.

We tried to stop at the library for water but it was not open yet, so we amused ourselves chatting bike mechanics with a fellow who was waiting for the library to open.

I've tried to record where we went today, I'm not sure I got it right. But I can tell you it was fun!

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