16 April 2011

Feeling charitable

Ride #64
Saturday, April 16th
25 miles in California's drop-dead-gorgous Napa valley.

Cycle for Sight event benefiting Enchanted Hills Camp (blind and visually impared) and the Pathway Home Project (California Veterans).

I camped overnight at a Solano county park (you can read about it in this thread on hammockforums.net) and then finished driving to Napa first thing Saturday morning.

A long time ago in my distant youth, I did the 50k Ride Through Hell in Michigan. This is my first large organized event since then and my very first ride for charity.

It was great! If you have never ridden/ran/swam/whatever for charity, I encourage you to do so.

The photos from today are on my Fotki page (here), but here is a sample anyway.

Nice directions and a well-organized event
View from the middle of the 25 mile route starting mob

Country Road

I did fine on the ride even though I don't think I drank quite enough water while I was actually rolling along. I ended up drinking a HUGE bottle of water on the way home plus the largest iced tea Popeye's sells.

My trike did great, but I seem to have picked up a vibration today. I did hit a miniature utility access port in the bike lane pretty hard with my rear wheel (there was nowhere to go to avoid it - I could have ridden off the road and flipped or swerved into the guy passing me) and there were two stretches of TERRIBLE gravel-on-asphalt. Like the dread chipseal on steroids. It felt like I was riding a giant circular sander. My suspension could not cope with that many little tiny bumps all together.

I have to figure out how to figure out what's up with the bad vibes, and I think it is time to learn all about disk brakes as well.

I might head out tomorrow for a short ride, but than I'll take a few days off!

And I think this is more or less the route we took. I just trailed along with the crowd.

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