10 April 2011

Fiery Tails

Ride #61
Sunday April 10th
Big loop in Folsom

Today my sweetie and I went out on the Folsom bike paths. A genuine loop of 10 miles (although Himself (AKA "Mr. Literal")) pointed out the the very short ramp (20 feet?) from the parking would turn the loop into a lollipop.
Lollipop schmallipop

He took off in a good imitation of a rocket. I trailed along behind, bellowing directions and ringing my bell at blind corners. I did not ring it constantly, but there are a lot of twists and turns on the Folsom trails. We stopped for water a few times and snacks once. I think Himself is getting the hang of bicycling and nutrition. He still wants a donut* for breakfast, but he will eat some jerky before we set out and is always happy to eat some orange segments. Holy Cow! Actual Fresh Fruit!

I like my bell but I don't know how I feel about it. Is a polite "good morning" and "passing on the left" more or less or equally friendly than a ding or two of a bell?
  • Pros of the Bell: pedestrians seem to have a well-trained Pavlovian response. They shift right over. Sometimes both feet at the same instant. Levitation's always fun to watch, an additional pro.
  • Pros of the Voice: I'm taking the time to talk to the person rather than ring-a-ding-dinging at them.
  • Cons of the Voice: an adult voice from hip-height seems to be a little startling sometimes. But there's that levitation potential again. Hmmm.
  • Cons of the Bell: will not pierce the cloud of sound produced by firmly inserted ear-buds. But then sometimes even my outrageous bellowing won't either. I suppose I could re-deploy my cheerful pink flag as a lance. No, no. That'd be too much fun.

The jury will return a verdict later.

One photo. Too busy keeping up with Mr. Rocket today.

That's Mr. Rocket himself in the distance - dull red jacket, dark blue jeans, black helmet in the shade. You must work for your viewing! I believe squinting might yield a glimpse of a white sock.

Some random rides in the next couple of days, including a second try at almost-Diamond Springs to Camino Heights.

Helmet up, tires down. CU

*Blogger's spell checker insists that "donut" should be "donuts" and offers no non-plural solution. I like multiple donuts myself. Maybe the programmers do to? Or I could be all formal and old-fashionedy like and use "doughnut" Or get crazy and doughnaught (which it never has been, but I think it ought (get it? ought ... ha ha) to have been. Ah. I get it. It's that chain store of Dunkin' Donuts. Oh bother. Now it is complaining about "Dunkin'".
I think I'll go have a sinker (Dad-speak for a plain cake doughnut, preferably slightly stale).

Almost exactly today's ride. But backwards.

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