30 April 2011


Ride #66
Saturday, April 30th

12-ish miles around Lake Natoma

It was a beautiful breezy day for a bike ride: my safety bicycle (translation: "normal" bicycle) friends suffered more in the breeze than I did, but I still felt the effects.

We started in old Folsom, went along the "south"  side of Lake Natoma, then up across the Hazel bridge and back to Folsom on the "north" side of the lake, then back to the start across the newish bridge.

Once again, I let the photographers of the world down, since I decided to concentrate on shepherding my charges around the lake instead. One of the herd-ees took some snaps, so anything you see will not be from me! I'll add pics as I can get them.

Even though I cannot generally have a conversation with another cyclist while on the bicycle path, it is still a lot of fun to show folks around the bike paths. We stopped to check out the Willow Creek area: a boat launch on the American River; then again to watch dozens of very long millipede things on the water (rowing competition on the lake); then again 1/2 way up Hazel bridge for a good view of Nimbus dam; then AGAIN to point out Negro Bar - a great place for swimming and hanging out in the hot summer months.

The stop at Negro Bar was also to let me consult my cheat-sheet for the detour.

past horsey place. next to big parking lot
veer left & go up park road
through 2 stop signs, set of poles
under overpass
stay to left & downshift!

I was shown a different way to get back up on the bridge and thought I'd try it again. This is the first time I have not missed it.

Ever since high school & English with Mr. Kling, I have taken great pleasure in using '&' whenever I want & sometimes even inventing places for it!

Another ride tomorrow to kick off May is Bike Month, assuming I can get my right brake/wheel/something sorted out. It only squeaks when I'm actually riding the trike. How inconvenient! And annoying! And just a little bit embarrassing!


Today's route (the part over the Hazel bridge is not really accurate: Google has yet to catch up with the ever-changing construction there)

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