03 April 2011

Crusin' in the sun

Ride #58
Sunday, April 4th
12 or so miles on the American River

My sweetheart and I loaded up the 'cycles and hit the road. We decided on a flat ride today. Him because he had not been out for a while and me because I was still feeling yesterday's little bitty mini hammer-fest.

Speaking of hammers, I saw two Hammerin' Wheels jerseys today! (That's one of the bike groups to which I belong). Yay!

So we cruised along, himself in front and me trailing along behind. We stopped a couple of times to mess with his seat angle/height. In that process, I noticed he has a shock seatpost, which I think could be stiffer. So I'll take the seatpost out and see if I can figure out how to (if I can) stiffen it up a little bit. I think the changes he made were for the better. If I can't figure out the seatpost shock, I'll head down to Bicycle Planet and they can help me out.

I resisted the urge to say "A recumbent would not have that problem". But I thought it really hard!

While we were taking a break at Wm Pond, we chatted with a fellow who, it turns out, lives not too far from us. He's a retired gent who regularly goes up and down Green Valley road, and likes to do 100 miles days as often as he can. A great role model for both of us! So I am now determined to try crawling up GV road from Folsom and seeing how close to home I can get. It is ONLY a gain of over 1000 feet. When I get pooped out, I'll turn around and fly back down to the car.

I had only 115 miles for March, I had more in  February. However, all the rides in March but one were 12 miles or more. So, I still have not met my goal of a 20+ miler every week, but I'm getting closer. The weather is firmly in Spring here, so that ought to help. BUT I have a lot of stuff to do this month, so we'll see.

So here's the route (this map is backwards, but you get the idea)

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