28 May 2011

The Ambassadors

Ride #79
Saturday, May 28th

30 miles on the American River Parkway

I met up with a couple of other trikers to ride down to Old Sacramento to listen in on the jazz festival for a bit. My sweetheart's son (between undergraduate and graduate school) tagged along, perched on my old Trek hybrid bike. He's about 5 inches taller than me, with looooong legs, so 'perching' is the only word that works.

Near Old Sac

We listened for a bit to the Professors, and to the Raptors (a middle school band), and to a marching jazz band (can't recall the name). The blue-shirted part of the crowd in the following pic were in the band. They had amusing headgear.

Next year, I'll go down again, but I'll pay for admission. I'd feel better about doing that then lurking around the fringes. I might not bicycle, since I'm not sure about leaving it locked but unattended. I wonder, is there bicycle valet parking? There should be!

Bridge into Old Sac

From I-5 I always see an imposing old building. I finally got a shot of the front of it (Pacific Gas and Electric).

So, who are The Ambassadors?
I'll tell you.
Folks out riding their bikes, even though it threatened to rain: The Ambassadors of Fitness.
Moms and Pops and Kids: The Ambassadors of Family.
Three trikes together: The Ambassadors of Cool.

I have 60 miles left to ride if I want to make my goal of 300 for May is Bike Month. Not going to make it this year!

The goal for next month is to go for at least 2 round-trip erranding/shopping in town on my bike.

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