10 May 2011

Donuts are not my friend

Ride #70

Sunday, May 8th
Miner's Ravine Trail, Roseville CA
4 lousy stinking miles

My sweetie and I tried to go for a bike ride the other day. And I suppose we did but we bailed out early. His legs were quickly tired and I had a raging headache and didn't feel too well.

That's what I get for eating some kind of horrible grocery store donut (with technicolor pink sprinkles on it, no less) instead of my usual oatmeal breakfast.

I do know better.
Learned my lesson.
Maybe I'll learn something from this.
Not likely!

The grasses are already starting to turn golden.

This is a nice little trail. It hooks up with something called False Ravine trail (I've never been on that one). If you start at the Sculpture Park and go east, it is generally up. Which explains my sweetie's tired gams. However, then when you turn around, you can sail downhill.

I think I shall hit that trail some day before a band rehearsal (Roseville Community Concert Band). It is pretty and I've enjoyed it before.

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