13 May 2011

Duck, duck, _ _ _ _ _!

Ride #72
Thursday, May 12th

About 11 miles around Lake Natoma

Cool, clear, and sunny this morning. We went clockwise around the lake (a wide spot formed by the Nimbus Dam on the American River), hauling ourselves up the still-under-construction Hazel Bridge.

I like this bridge and the new bike lane is a huge wonderful improvement over the old one. They've even added bike-lane lights! How cool!

And lights-on-a-stick. Pretty!

We were trying to figure out what the decorative stuff is on the downstream side of the bridge (where the old ped/bike sidewalk used to be covered by an ugly but effective mesh). Maybe a replacement for the mesh?

The early morning view upstream is a blast of sparkly sunlight.

We were out early enough to catch some of the later bicycle commuter traffic, and late enough to see a handful of other recreational cyclists out enjoying the morning.

These particular trail denizens did NOT want to give us right-of-way.

A little further on, we saw some damage from the recent winds.

The limb from waaaaaaaaay up there...

landed waaaaaaaaaay down here. And it was a tree-sized limb. Or maybe a trike-sized limb.

A couple more rides this week coming up.
Will I make it to the 300 miles I pledged for MayIsBikeMonth?
Stay tuned: you'll know when I know.

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