26 May 2011

erranding, again

Ride #78
Thursday, May 26th
6 miles in scenic Cameron Park

Had to get some lab work done, with fasting! Since I did not want to ride 6 miles before eating, I caught a ride to my sweetheart's workplace, unloaded and unfolded the trike, and pedaled away.

I'd done this before, several months ago, and the hill up to the medical offices had nearly worn me out. I stopped three times to catch my breath. Today, I cruised right up it, nonstop. I was still winded at the top, but that was OK.

Bicycling beforehand means the phlebotomist (there's your 10 dollar word for the day) had an easier time than usual with me and I was out of there in no time.

I had parked my trike near the entrance, chained to the sign for the lab. No bike racks. Sigh.

I had a couple of people waiting to pounce on me and ask questions when I emerged from the building, so I obliged and made a slight show of wheeling away.

I had meant to eat a banana and some snacks before leaving, but I was caught up in the questions. I snarfed down a banana while exiting the parking lot and made most of the ride home with the peel tucked down my shirt collar (no pockets).

Normally, I make this ride home using quiet residential streets, but I was feeling spunky today, so I took the main drag across town. No bike lane on 99% but fairly wide shoulders. Of course, there are basically no bike lanes in El Dorado County, so why am I complaining? I was buzzed closely by one motorhome with a towed car behind, but no other close passes.

As was true of the ride detailed in the previous post, the little bit of bike lane was 1/2 asphalt road surface and 1/2 concrete curb apron. What are they thinking?

I managed the turn into the driveway with out stalling out or having to go down hill past to get a good angle.

Today was just a GREAT day!

A couple more rides on the books for May, and then time for a new month!

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