15 August 2011

Bridge, anyone?

Ride #97
The Usual 30 miles with One Usual Suspect
on the American River Bike Trail

For once, I got to show my triking friend a new thing:. that handsome bicycle overpass thingy at Hazel that I wrote about yesterday.

Here're the pictures I promised.

Ped-Bike sidewalk down Hazel. Soooo much better than the old one.

Quick steep ramp in foreground, long ramp in background

A better view of the beautiful long ramp. Summer-brown hills this time of year.
Today's ride was unremarkable, except that I need to figure out how to build up to consecutive long rides. Like I'll do when I'm touring.
I'm going to go 20 tomorrow, and I expect I'll be slow like a turtle since I was slow like a turtle at the end of today's ride.
I believe I'll do a short sweet ride on Folsom's bike paths on Friday, picking up a picnic brunch at the Farmer's market. And that will be ride #100! And almost a year of riding.

I tried wearing my old Ex-Officio button down style 'wicking' shirt. OK on the bike, except the long sleeves catch the air, puffing out enough I can't see my mirror, and off the bike just not nice. Felt like a big blue plastic bag. Back to the closet with you! Here's a link to a picture of the shirt.
I've ordered some long sleeved Under Armour shirts in screamingly bright colors. Hope they are satisfactory. I like the red golf shirt I usually wear, but it is short sleeved, and not a terribly visible color.

Speaking of visible, these folks were not on the trail yet, thankfully.

I'm still not sure what would happen with multiple horses and multiple trikes. Probably not pretty.

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