24 September 2011


Ride #109 Saturday

September 24th

5 delightful miles in Windsor, California

I'm visiting friends in Sonoma county this weekend, so of course I brought my trike with me.

Since my friends have a toddler, dinner was quite early. We had plenty of time after to visit the park, chat with some neighbors, and visit two different pastures full of goats. The first pasture had fully interactive goats, happy to follow the toddler along the fence. The second set of goats were pretty boring, not even deigning to bleat.

I'm composing this post on my phone. All thumbos and other oddities will be corrected later. There. They've all been corrected so any strangeness that remains is on purpose.

I had a sproinging noise from the rear of.my trike when we set out on our ride and I had a momentary horrible thought that I'd broken a spoke! But it was just one of my rear fender stays, which I will fix properly tomorrow.

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