11 September 2011

'Round the lake, again!

Ride #105
Sunday, September 11th.

Around Lake Natoma

I never get tired of this ride. Especially when I'm out with a bunch of people. And today was a particularly awesome day since the heatwave went away and it never got over 74 while we were out.

This was an organized ride with a local Meetup group. The tandem folks came again (still no disk brakes) and we saw another tandem along the way. And I saw only one other recumbent (two wheels). Our group was made of folks on casual bikes and a handful of stray roadies.
One of the road bikes was a sharp looking Cannondale. It (and the rider) disappeared 1/2 way through the ride (which I was later told he tends to do.) I hope he is not still circling the lake!

Ooooh oooh! And I forgot to mention this in my last post: a Unicycle! Yep, an intrepid fellow on one rather large wheel. I've seem him twice on the north side of Lake Natoma, once on the way down from Beals Point and than again today on the long flat stretch running right near the lake.

Our group collectively had one flat and one slipped chain. The flat was in the parking lot at the beginning of the ride so there was a floor pump handy and the slipped chain (on the trail) was an easy fix. The chain-person went off the local bike shop after the ride to see about stopping this from happening again.

I decided to ditch the phone for keeping track of my 11 participants and went to paper and pencil. Much better!

Here's a pic of some of the group making their way up to the Hazel bridge. If you look carefully you might tell the lead bike has two left knees. That's the tandem.

For once, everyone in a picture is part of our group. How'd that happen?!

I tried mounting my camera facing backwards this time, using an old Manfrotto Super Clamp on my seat frame. That's the thing with all the levers sticking out from my seat.

Worked well. I have to operate it by feel since the camera sits right beside my head and I can't see the buttons. It leaves me with one hand to steer and that's a good thing. It also means (assuming I got it level to begin with) my pictures do not need straightening.

At least one more scheduled ride this week, a wine ride on the weekend (hoo boy!) and who knows what else in between?

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