27 September 2011

Sonoma Skedaddle I

Ride #110

Monday, September 26th
16 miles around Wimdsor and Healdsburg, California.

My usual small digital camera has a severe allergy to rechargeable batteries, so I'm using my phone for pictures.

I'm staying with some friends in Sonoma County this weekend.

My hosts' toddler had preschool this morning, so all four of us set off across Windsor to drop the child off.

My hosts take their child to school via bike whenever they can. She (the child) is loaded in the trailer with juice in one side pocket and toast in the other. I suppose it is easier to turn a trailer over and shake the crumbs out then it would be to invert a mini-van. AND this child will grow up with bicycling being a normal thing. Yay! 

Mr. Host went home with the trailer while Mrs. Host and I headed up to Healdsburg to stroll around the town square playing empty-pocketed tourists.

This bridge did have a sidewalk, but we took the lane to get across. Coming back, I thought the railroad bridge (that looks like this one) was our left turn but I figured it out eventually. That would have been amusing, but bumpy.

We did buy a loaf of bread for our upcoming picnic, then spent some time admiring the gazebo.

We also got some tasty pastries: she had an apricot cherry pocket and I had a delightfully gingery ginger cookie. We peered in the window of the fan museum, admired the vertical fountain (water and spoons) and then hopped back on our cycles to head back to the house.

We will wait there for Mrs. Host's mom to arrive, for Mr Host to retrieve little hostlet from school, to swap around bikes and trailers and bags and baskets, then off to our mini cycling wine tour.

I've decided that my phone is OK at taking pictures in broad daylight without too many funny shadows (what I expected) and that my phone will not do as my sole source of internet posting while on tour, since there seems to be some problems with photos, phones, uploading, and blogger. Not to mention that I would have no way of satisfactorily editing the photos. Looks like it might be netbook or tablet time.

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