12 October 2011



Wednesday, October 12th

I didn't do a whole lot of riding today, but I sure talked a lot!

I chatted about trikes to a random stranger on the trail, and then when I was back in the parking lot I encountered a group of three trikers (leaving on their ride), then after my grocery shopping, I ran into (not literally) my parking-lot-acquaintance, Al (who, if you've noticed, is the ONLY person ever mentioned by name in this blog. Why, I have no idea. Just the way it is.).

The three trikers were a couple of guys out again with Mom. (no, I don't know whose Mom Mom is and does it really matter? I didn't think so). Videos they've made can be found on this  Youtube channel. Hop on over and take a look! I've seen the guys before, but did not attempt to identify them then.

I try not to be a know-it-all but I do have opinions so when some random fellow wants to check out my trike and ask me questions, that's Cool. It is fun to see someone as excited about trikes as I was before I even got one.

My acquaintance with Al started off that way, and now he has himself a splendid shiny Cattrike. Very sharp in black and white.
No I did not get a picture.
He has loaded it down with all kinds of gadgets: a radio, a bell, a cyclecomputer, bottle cages, bags, lights. The works.
We had a long rambling conversation about riding and trikes and people and all that. It was a great end to a very short ride.

How short? about 5 miles. I'll make it up on Saturday.

I had set off through Folsom's bike trails, intending to go down at least to the hospital if not all the way to Folsom Blvd, but when I got to the park near Houston Circle I was surprised to see a couple of maintenance  trucks completely filling the trail.

So I boogied on over to Pond View and started taking a short cut, decided that I had spent enough time out already (conversations are fun, but can run long) and headed back to the parking lot.

If I'd gone farther I would have missed out giving the triking videographers a kudos, and would have missed seeing Al's new ride. So I'm glad it was a short ride.


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