31 October 2011

Rules made to be broken

Monday, October 31st

My intention for this blogs was 1 ride = 1 post

I don't think a 1/4 mile test ride up and down the street in front of my house counts, so bang goes that rule!

Last post I had mentioned my 'derailler' problem. Not a derailler problem, a chain problem.

The last several miles of yesterday's ride were no fun. Harder to pedal then normal, and noisy.
So this morning, I hauled the trike out into the middle of the garage, took the seat off, and proceeded to squint and mumble.

Well, look at that! My chain was not passing between the retaining tab and the chain roller anymore. How'd that happen?

There was no way I could stuff the chain back in without taking the chain apart. So I did. 

And while it was apart, I decided to double check the length of my chain (it was fine).

While stuffing the chain back through the chain tubes, I had a suddenly difficult time. Lo and behold, while fumbling around with the chain, I found this.

One of these things is not like the other.

A side view


So I got out my chain tool and dug up a piece of unused chain, counted twice, cut once, and stuck the new section of chain on.

Threaded everything back together. Took my machine for a spin.


I think that maybe it is time for a new chain roller. I shall consult with the gurus on the online forum.

Next ride is my mini-tour: overnight to a nearby campground and then home again.

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