13 November 2011

9 on the Freak-o-Meter


Sunday, November 13th
11 or so miles around Lake Natoma

I had 14 people to shepherd around the lake today. My sweetie came along also. He ended up not feeling too well, so I sat with him trailside for a while then he decided to wait at a road-side access point for me to bring the car back for him.

Honestly? Bikers are the Best. I had so many offers of help that the Freak-o-Meter dropped to 7 or 8.

Once my sweetheart was parked and waiting for pickup, I boogied along at 20mph (amazing what adrenaline can do for a girl) to catch up with the rest of the group.

I led my merry parade of bikers on the 'secret' shortcut up to the bridge, barreled along the bridge far too fast, sped back to the car, tossed the trike in the back, and navigated my way to the heart of downtown Orangevale to pick up Himself.

I have GOT to figure out how to assist/encourage/nag/browbeat/induce my sweetheart to get strong and fit so I can retire the Freak-o-Meter.

There are many other reasons I would have liked to have had to go 20mph on the bike path.

Some solo rides next week, then who knows!?

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