19 November 2011

Laughing Loafing Lunatics


Saturday, November 19th
American River Bike Trail

"Parking lot Al" and I hit the trails today. In my mind was scouting for a route for an easy recumbent trike ride.

Saturday on the ABRT is not going to fly. Too many people!

So we will try again later this week (now we're thinking Folsom's bike trails).

While leisurely loafing from the Fish Hatchery to Hagen Park and back, we saw groups of joggers, other bicyclists, and cool low delta trike.

He slowed down to drink some water. Before that he was a yellow blur.

Bridge over to Fair Oaks

Al and his spiffy white trike parked next to my orange contraption.

I tried to get some video today. But once again, I can't seem to operate my nice Kodak video camera. 

I got this much. 

which is what happens when doofus (me) forgets that the little bitty round thing on the camera is the LENS and it should point AWAY from you.

Al and I had a long strange conversation about cameras and how to mount them (we don't think the bra-cam would be a winner). I thought I was recording. 
Apparently I was only holding out at arm's length for a mile or so a turned OFF camera. (do you like that 1/2 German syntax there? Keep thinking about that sentence, it will clear up, I promise).*

For our next ride I will bust out the old helmet, and mount the camera on the helmet. It is cel-phone shaped (my camera, not the helmet) and will look pretty strange sticking up from the top of my head.

For you, dear readers, I will ride around Folsom with bright blue rectangle strapped to my head.

*Alternatively, "I only at arm's length for a mile or so a turned off camera holding was." Better? I didn't think so.


  1. Elizabeth was loafing, I was pedaling my 75 year old A** off.

  2. Al keeps telling me he's 75 and I don't believe it.

  3. I loved the video. It gave a very good sense of what it's like riding through those trails, and of course, it was great fun to see you in them too. Her sense of photography is very good. I especially like her low camera positions – especially in the opening scene. The bikes look great, and I looking forward to next time I'm up there to sit in one.

  4. It's easy to get low angles for video. You dangle your hand, with camera, so it just clears the ground. Great fun! I would not, however, recommend the alternate way of determining optimum dangle, which is to scrape the knuckles, than add 1/2" ground clearance!