05 November 2011

No rain, thank you


30 miles on the American River Bike Trail
Wm. Pond to Old Sacramento and back
Saturday, November 5th

The gang (recumbent riders) showed up today for the First Saturday ride, even with the threat of rain.

A rest stop along the trail. I could mostly keep up today. Yay!

Some folks had added fenders and we were all bundled up like it was winter.

I sympathize.

Wait. It IS winter. Or as wintery as Northern California in the Central Valley gets.

Many of the bikes have fairings, specialized plastic windshields.They come in large and small, to cover most of your body or just your feet and lower legs.

Two faired bikes in front and an ICE trike to the right.

It would be possible to add a fairing to my trike (either from the manufacturer or an aftermarket) but I'm not sure how much I'd use it. And they are a bit pricy. So I'll concentrate on dressing for warmth instead.

That very small machine at the right of the previous picture is another trike. Very low and sporty. Looks like a sports car next to my over-engineered German contraption. Next time I need to get a side-by-side picture of my trike and a 'sports car' trike.

I'm a little jealous sometimes of recumbent bikes with big tall wide handlebars. They can look like an airplane cockpit sometimes!

Here's a closeup.

Mirror, goodie bag, bike computer, GPS?, waterbottle.

I tried to get a good picture of some of the two wheel bents cornering. However I'm still working really hard to catch up and don't have time for rolling shots. So this is as good as it gets.

That's it for now.

One of the trails I submitted to traillink.com has been posted, so I'll go out sometime this week and take some photos and make a GPS track.

Then there is a Friday moonlight ride with the recumbent group. I might do that.

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