26 December 2011

Again, Finnegan


26 Dec, 2011
6 miles in lovely Folsom

Rambled around the bike trails with my sweetie and his son today. Said son (6 ft 3" and long legs) perched uneasily atop my old Trek hybrid (I'm 5' 10 and short legs). My sweetie took it easy and we didn't go very far. He had no problems with heart rate this time. Yay!

Beautiful sunshine, practically empty trails, and no ice this time.

Despite being on a bike too small and very different from his usual vintage Schwinn, the kid still managed no-hands.

Not a tandem, just tailgating.

The only mechanical thing we had (which was quite minor) were flat batteries on my sweetie's bike computer. Watching the numbers go by is a big part of his bicycle-enjoyment, so he stopped in at the nearby store to get new batteries.

 All set and ready to go!

My favorite oak tree.

Your intrepid report is a shadow of her former self.

I've got some stuff to do tomorrow but I plan on getting out both on the trike and on foot a few times later this week.
The weather is not so good for my snowshoe plans, but it sure makes for nice triking weather!

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