23 December 2011

Worth it? Totally!


Friday, December 23rd

It's been a while, hasn't it? Colds, holiday nonsense, overscheduling, yadda yadda blah blah. Just excuses.

A mostly sunny, cool day in Folsom. I decided to take it easy and mosey along for about 6 miles. It was lovely to get outside and roll through the beautifully bleak winter landscape.

Here's some lovely pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I turned around so I could ride over this bridge. Now that's dedication!

Ice! Actual ice. I rode through a couple of ice-rimmed puddles today. So exciting!

No rain = blue skies.

Took "The Parkway" today. Yes there are bike trails paralleling this, but what fun is that?


A tree that I think makes me sneeze.

It was shedding fluffy bits like mad.

Trail of Ice!

Make like a tree and leaf.

No spinning tinkling snowglobe. Or inflatable 4' tall penguins. So disappointed!
Happy holidays, all.
As Queen said, Get on your bikes and RIDE.

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