04 February 2012

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Went for a lovely bike ride today on a lovely day with a lovely bunch of coconuts.

I mean people.

"Parking lot" Al and I dragged our significant others along. Mrs. Al on her Trek Hybrid and my sweetheart on his Specialized hybrid. 

Al I and I were, of course, lording it along on our trikes.

Al. Slightly fuzzy (shot over my shoulder)
Kind of fuzzy all the time (that beard). My sweetheart.
Mrs. Al
Most of the ride we had a diamond frame sandwich going, with Al leading the way and me bringing up the rear.


The direction West was very interesting today.

There were lots of other people out enjoying the unseasonably warm sunny weather.

A one minute and twenty-four second video of two entertaining encounters from today's ride.

We retired to Subway for sandwiches and conversation afterwards.

Tomorrow I'll go preview a route for a future spring recumbent trike ride in the area (I volunteered to scout the route before hand).

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