20 February 2012



Monday, February 20th

13 miles on the American River Trail

My guy had today off so we went for a ride.

We started off at Sunrise and rode to Wm Pond and back.

He's setting up his heart-rate monitor

His new gears continue to treat him well and now he's noticing his aching nether regions (I think he needs a 'bent but I'm a little tiny itty bitty bit biased).

We did see these fellows twice today.

Our average speed on the way out was 10.7 and overall it was 10.4 (downriver on the way out and up on the way back). I let him set the pace although I did have one needforspeed episode and got up around 19mph for a little bit.

There were lots of people out enjoying the trail, even on this grey-ish day.

I played photographer for a daughter and her mom who were out. Mom (or maybe it was grandma) was exultant that she had made it as far as she did. They were very particular about the framing of their shot. I was happy to reshoot.

We ate some snacks at Wm Pond (orange for me and jerky for him) and made our way back.

As usual, a couple of people asked me about my ride. One fellow stated "My wife needs one of those because she keeps falling over". I wonder what she'd think of that?

I have a mysterious creaking sound when cornering. Seems to be the seat. I will check it over and tighten the straps before my next ride.

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