12 February 2012

A Cheerful Mob


Sunday, February 12th
10-ish miles around Lake Natoma.

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Creatures of all sizes and states, it was time again today for The Ride Around The Lake Whilst and at the Same Time Yakking and Generally Carrying On. (so sue me, I've been reading strange books again).

It was sunny at home, and foggy in Folsom. I'm glad my yellow windbreaker was in the car, or I would have been a cold recumbent driver! My fingers were a little cold, but not too bad.

One person turned back since she got too cold. I had considered wearing shorts and am glad I did not!

My sweetheart came along today. The new gears he got made a HUGE difference. He chewed up the hills. Well. We call them hills, since this is a Casual Bike Ride. And no bailing out to wait for pick up.

And ... I was surprised and charmed to meet another triker today. He has an inexpensive recumbent trike which he ordered from a place down in Florida and did most of the assembly of the components himself. He was pleased as punch with his brand new ride and had no problems sticking w/ the group. I sure could not have kept up on my first ride. He even spoke of centuries in his future. Go dude!

We had 16 people on the ride, the usual mix of hybrids and road bikes. And now I suppose I ought to add trikes, since I am not alone, thanks to Mr. New Dude and "Parking Lot" Al.

I hope to get another ride in this week, since President's Day weekend is already booked.

(No pictures, bad blogger, no biscuit!)

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