16 February 2012

A little this-a, a little that-a


Thursday, February 16th

I dunno. About 20 miles? Here and there and all over the place, driven by impulse.

I started in old Folsom. Crossed the river.

Went down stream on the north side of Lake Natoma (nice change for me).

Now, this is where you get to ride along in my brain while I pedal all over the place.

Realized that I would miss my planned bio-break at Nimbus boat launch.
Kept going anyway.

Crossed Hazel on the still enchanting ramp/bridge/thing.

Stopped for a moment at Sunrise boat launch.

Bathrooms past Sunrise locked. Piffle.

Set sail again intent on stopping at Hagen Park. Got interrupted by the port-a-things at Oakton Way (before Hagen).
You know you're getting desperate when those start to look good.

Got hungry (NOT related to the port-a-things!) while there, ate some jerky and part of an orange.

Decided to turn around since I was still hungry and lunch was beckoning.

Stopped at Nimbus Flats boat launch. Unlocked restrooms. Ate some more orange. Lunch still beckoning.

RC boats! How cool!

Chased a big fat panicked grey squirrel along the bridge over Alder Creek.

The squirrel was running on the left side of the bridge, trying to figure out how to avoid the dread 3-wheeled monster w/out also taking an unexpected bath in the creek.

Decided to take the southern loop of the bike trail that takes one to the Folsom Outlet Mall, bypassing Willow Creek and the boat launch there.
"Oh, hey. I can take the rail trail!"

So I did, leaving the bike path along the river and taking this trail that parallels Folsom Blvd.

And so back to old Folsom where I ate a nice lunch at Karen's Bakery Cafe.

I took a small transistor radio along with me. I hung it on the back of my headrest. I didn't turn it up a lot so it was only really audible when I was going less than 10mph. Which was generally up hills and when I want distraction anyway.

I like the radio. I have an I-pod (somewhere safe. So safe I can't find it). If it ever turns up I'll get little bitty speakers for it.
I like music. I hate ear-buds. They are uncomfortable. I also like hearing what's going on around me, so music in the air (my own soundtrack!) is what I want.

(I've done away with the cloud of tags in the sidebar of my blog. It is messy and I'm bored).

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