24 March 2012



Friday, March 23rd

I had just finished up the last blog post and my sweetheart called from work and offered to play hookey and take an afternoon bike ride.
How could I say 'no' to that?

So I didn't.

We went around Lake Natoma: a much different ride without shepherding a crowd.

Half the crowd

Stopped at the usual places (Nimbus Flats and Negro Bar) and added a stop at an overlook to remove a jacket and stretch our calves.


There are more serious riders (and better behaved) out on a weekday evening than on a weekend day.

Between yoga this morning and two bike rides, my hamstrings are well exercised.

Himself pushed the pace a little bit and had the beginnings of cramps in his calves (which is preferable to nearly passing out IMHO) after we had stopped to stretch, so I dropped a Nuun electrolyte tablet in his second bottle of water. That helped. I decided to drink one also. It tasted not horribly awful, which must have meant I needed it.
I like the Nuun tablets. The citrus flavors are OK and they are a lot easier to use than trying to tear the top off a packet of electrolyte and then aim sufficiently well to get most of it in the bottle.

Rain rain rain tomorrow. I shall stay home and remove my fenders (since I seem to be avoiding the rain) and see if I can determine if my front wheel bump is a badly-seated tire or an out-of-true wheel. AND I'll finally investigate the creaking seat. Probably just needs the straps tightened up a bit.


  1. Liz, you're an inspiration to me. Thanks for blogging and triking.

  2. Some days it is hard to get outside but it is always worth it.