26 March 2012

no rain


Monday, March 26th

I decided to go West on the American River Trail from Sunrise today. Just to get out and ride.
I had gone about 5 miles, then it started getting more overcast and the cold wind started blowing. My little lizard brain screamed "rain! rain! rain!" so I turned around and started back.

no rain.

silly lizard brain!

But I had a good ride anyway. Saw one other recumbent (two wheels) and an interesting electric assist bicycle in cheerful yellow operated by Brian. We had a nice geek-fest over unusual bikes and took each others' pictures.

A few clumps of riders intent on beating the weather and a lot of big slow bold turkeys.

I checked out Rossmoor Bar, down by the river,

Somewhere out there is the river

and noticed that the access road crossed what looks to me like the old route for the bike path. I know that the path had been rerouted in the past in places farther down stream, but I didn't know it had been moved in other places.

Where I think the old path goes

Or maybe I'm all wet.
Despite the lack of rain.
I think maybe I'll go hiking down there someday and see what I can find.

I never did get around to checking the tire or removing the fenders, but I did tighten up the straps on my seat. Less creaking and more solid feeling.

Rain tomorrow, but maybe a ride or two later in the week.

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