10 March 2012

'round and 'round and 'round we go


Saturday, March 10th

12 miles around Lake Natoma with the newly renamed casual bicycling group. We are now The Hammerin' Wheels Casual Bikers Club (or Casual Wheelers) (instead of Sacramento Area Casual Bikers (SAC Bikers)).

Disappointingly, today I had more no-shows than actual bodies. Oh well. Except for one person, all were Repeat Offenders, so for once I actually knew everyone's name! The world may now end.

The trail was pretty crowded but everybody cooperated so no worries. I did sort of freak out one horse (he gave me a rolling eye and a head toss). I was already stopped so I'm glad that's all he did. I suppose I could have dived off my trike into the lake if Mr. Ed got too antsy.

My sweetheart did great today (the first time on this loop with NO walking up hills). He got lots of encouragement from the other riders so I think this bike riding thing is turning out to be a Good Thing.

Other Recumbent Dude showed up again. His trike is settling in and some things need a little adjustment, but overall he still likes his ride.

He had an awful time today with his pedal straps (he's gone the 'strap your feet to the pedal' route instead of getting special bike shoes and cleats and all that). He did notice that he could not go as fast w/out the straps (his heels kept hitting the cranks). I'm wondering now if the ANGLE of the straps was putting his feet at an angle to interfere with the cranks.

My sweetheart uses old-school toe clips and straps (think 1970s). We were talking about pedaling efficiency and I mentioned the "scrap mud off your shoe backwards" that is often touted as a good way to visualize providing power to the whole circuit of the crank.
Well. That's not going to work with toe clips, so I don't know what to tell him (short of getting shoes and cleats and pedals and all that).

Rain in the forecast for a few days (maybe I can finally test my super rain gear).


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